Clutter Awareness Quiz

Hi! I'm Diane Halfman, your Clutter to Calm expert, and my mission is to help smart people like YOU to bring excellence to your physical, emotional and spiritual space.

Clutter gets in the way of excellence, and frankly, clutter is costly! 

That's why I created this Clutter Awareness Quiz, so you can see exactly where you stand in the key areas of your life, and start to make those small, but important shifts to reduce the clutter in your life, and create more calm, serenity, and EXCELLENCE in all that you do!

Important Note!  On your first pass taking this assessment, expect to score yourself low in many of the areas we are measuring. No worries, you are just beginning your journey! As you make a commitment to adjust some things in your life, or perhaps engage with our work further, you will see evidence of your progress in your business and life as well as in your score results. 

In as little as a few minutes, you'll not only discover the areas where you're on track and doing well, you'll also pinpoint those areas where clutter really needs to be addressed so you can reach the level of excellence that you want!

So after taking this assessment, check your inbox right away!

I'll be sending you your results, as well as a few suggested "next steps" so you can start reducing clutter and drama, and creating more calmness and excellence!